What makes you different? What is your photographic style?

Since the first moment my 35mm film camera touched my hands. I had a compulsion to document the world and people around me. I started to see little stories everywhere waiting to be captured and shared. My approach to photography aligns itself with the idea of life-logging and storytelling. It is my hope to bring your vision to life by capturing the important moments. It is because of that idea that I value the relationships made with my clients and hope to continue to document them as their lives change and grow.

How many hours of coverage do I need? Do I really need more than one photographer?

Every wedding is different so there isn’t really an exact answer to either of these questions. Your photographer is your greatest resource and will give the best guidance on how to structure the timeline of your day. Ideally your whole day from hair and makeup to the last dance will be documented. The amount of time allotted for pictures throughout the day is important. I usually recommend 25-30 minutes for formal family portraits (depending on how many), 30 minutes for Wedding Party, and 45 minutes for Couple portraits. Concerning the number of photographers I almost always recommend having a second shooter. The reasons are simple, more pictures, more memories, more perspectives, and more fun! Plus, it is kind of hard to be in two places at once even though I have tried on many an occasion.

Why should I have a wedding album? Aren’t the digital files enough?

One of my favorite things to do growing up was going through all my grandparents photos and mementos. I remember sitting in my attic feeling the pages, looking at the timeless expressions, and dreaming of my wedding one day and the album that I will pass down to my children. Wedding albums should be archival quality and meant to least for many generations to share a family history. It is easy to forget this sentiment in the digital age when digital files seem easy and sufficient. But we must remember that technology is constantly changing and the disc/thumb drive you have your intangible digital files on could be obsolete in just a short amount of time. Every couple is different and chooses to remember their wedding in a different way. However, imagine how different I would have felt growing up if instead of being handed a beautifully custom designed album, I was handed a thumb drive.

How many wedding photos will I get? When will I get them?

Every wedding is unique therefore the number of final images will vary. Engagement shoots are approximately 100-200 images. Weddings are approximately 500-1500 images. I never limit the number of images you get sometimes outtakes are the best! Excited to see your pictures? No worries! After the big day I post some sneak peaks on the Facebook page or Instagram to hold you over for a bit. Then about 4-8 weeks later you will get the link to view an online gallery. You can share the link with family and friends as well as order prints or just ogle at the photos yourself!

Where do the Family Sessions Take Place?

That’s totally up to you! I generally like to do half of the session in the home and the other half somewhere fun that everyone is comfortable in. Maybe even something fun like a park or an ice cream trip!

What Should We Wear during Portrait Sessions?

All Sessions are casual and comfortable! In my experience the more comfortable and true to yourself you feel the better the results! Try to avoid matching outfits and anything with bold lettering on it.

When Will the Photos be Ready?

Images will be available for viewing in the online gallery 2-4 weeks after the session date. You will be emailed with a link to the gallery and the password to access it. You can share this link with family and friends. You have all the rights to your own photos when the High resolution digital files are purchased but as a courtesy please give credit (AlexaNahas.com) when uploading on Social Media Sites like Facebook.

Feel free to call or email with any other questions!


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